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Vendor Sponsorship

$5,000 Annual Sponsorship

  • Meeting invite to all grower meetings (1 company representative)

  • *No Newsletter sent to vendors

  • *NDA signed to protect LTI's intellectual property

  • *Vendors looking to gain sponsorship via product donations can be discussed

Funded Research

Available to: Vendors / Ag Input Suppliers / Chemical Companies / Growers

Any and all research ideas will be evaluated by LTI. There are NO bad ideas when it comes to LTI! In some cases LTI may view the research as essential and beneficial for our members and proceed. If your company would prefer to own the intellectual property of the research, LTI would meet with you to understand your goals before developing a quote for this research.


If you or your company has a research project in mind please reach out to us via the Contact form on this website or email

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